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*** JT - Pliers

Long Nose - 5.5" JT-PL-01- $1.95 Qty

7031PL.jpg 4.5"Three Prong Stainless Steel Plier, Box Joint,Pakistan JT-PL-01-7031PL $3.60 Qty

7042MP_3.jpg 5Pc 3" Professional Mini Jewelry Plier Set, Pakistan JT-PL-01-7042MP $9.00 Qty

7043MP_newpic.jpg 3Pc 3" Professional Mini Jewelry Plier Set, Pakistan, JT-PL-01-7043MP $5.40 Qty

7056SR.jpg 5.1/2" Split Ring Plier /Sharp Point,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-7056SR $2.70 Qty

709D.jpg 4.1/2"Micro Diagonal Cutting Plier,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-709D $2.34 Qty

710B.jpg 5.1/2"Micro Bent Nose Plier,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-710B $2.34 Qty

711L.jpg 5" Micro Long Nose Plier, Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-711L $2.34 Qty

712N.jpg 5" Micro 1/2 Round Needle Nose Plier, Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-712N $2.34 Qty

714F.jpg 5.1/2"Micro Flat Nose Plier,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-714F $2.34 Qty

715C.jpg 5" Micro Round Nose Plier, Made In Pakistan JT-PL-01-715C $2.34 Qty

716S.jpg 5"Micro Split Ring Plier,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-716S $2.70 Qty

7201B-XL.jpg (OS) 5.5" Extra Long Bent Nose Plier,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-7201B-XL $3.84 Qty

720F.jpg (OS) 5"Heavy Flat Nose Jewelry Plier With PVC Grip ,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-720F $2.40 Qty

721C.jpg 4.5" Heavy Round Nose Jewelry plier,Pakistan JT-PL-01-721C $3.00 Qty

7221L.jpg 5.5" Heavy Chain Nose Jewelry Plier ,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-7221L $2.64 Qty

7227RB.jpg Rosary Plier - 4.5" JT-PL-01-7227RB $1.25 Qty

7228RB.jpg (OS) 5" Rosary Plier With Dipped Handle JT-PL-01-7228RB $3.60 Qty

7229PJ.jpg 6" Nylon Jaw Plier.Pakistan JT-PL-01-7229PJ $6.30 Qty

7229PJ-JAW.jpg (OS) Replacement Nylon Jaws (2Pc Set) For 7229PJ Plier JT-PL-01-7229PJ-JAW $0.60 Qty

Extra Long - 5.5" JT-PL-01-722L-XL $2.75 Qty

7230PJ.jpg (OS) 3.5" Mini Nylon Jaw Plier,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-7230PJ $5.52 Qty

724WL.jpg 5.5" 3 Step Wire Loop Plier,without Grip,Pakistan JT-PL-01-724WL $6.00 Qty

725CR.jpg Forming Plier - 4.5" JT-PL-01-725CR $5.94 Qty

7266FR.jpg (OS) 4 1/2" Half Round/Flat Nose Jewelry Plier,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-7266FR $3.30 Qty

7266FR.jpg Flat Nose Plier - 5.25" JT-PL-01-726FR $3.00 Qty

7272rc.jpg 5" Loop Closing Plier,Stainless Steel,Made in Pakistan JT-PL-01-7272RC $4.74 Qty

728SS.jpg 5" Professional Stone Setting Plier Pakistan JT-PL-01-728SS $3.48 Qty

729RC.jpg (OS) 5" Ring Closing Plier,Pakistan JT-PL-01-729RC $5.28 Qty

9277CHP.jpg 4.1/2" Diagonal Cutting Plier,65HRC Hardness JT-PL-01-9277CHP $3.60 Qty

HB06.jpg (OS)5.14" Memory Wire Cutter, 63HRC, Carbon Steel, Yellow & Black JT-PL-01-HB06 $4.50 Qty

JH06.jpg Mini Diagonal Pliers, Carbon Steel, Red&Black Handle JT-PL-01-JH06 $2.34 Qty

JP15.jpg (SP) 5" Bead Crimping Plier,Made in Taiwan JT-PL-01-JP15 $6.60 Qty

JP1515S_1.jpg (SP) 5" Micro Bead Crimping Plier,Made in Taiwan JT-PL-01-JP1515S $6.60 Qty

JT6730.jpg Mini-Plastic Jaw Flat Nose Pliers JT-PL-01-JT6730 $2.40 Qty

JT6730JAW.jpg Replacement Plastic Jaws for Plier JT6730 JT-PL-01-JT6730JAW $0.68 Qty

PF02.JPG (FC) 6" Long Handle Mini Long Nose Plier With JT-PL-01-PF02 $1.50 Qty

PF05.JPG Mini Round Nose Plier 6" JT-PL-01-PF05 $4.20 Qty

Pf06.JPG Mini Diagonal Cutter 6" JT-PL-01-PF06 $4.20 Qty

PF08.JPG Mini Flat Nose Plier 6" JT-PL-01-PF08 $4.20 Qty