AmeriTool HD - 12

AmeriTool HD - 12"


$1,540.00 Qty

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  • Variable Speed 25rpm to 1800rpm
  • Approx Machine Footprint: 16"D x 16"W

Covington's 12" Ameritool HD Flat Lap is here!! This all new direct drive lap grinder is great for professionals trying to grind larger pieces than our 6" or 8" units can handle. A variable speed knob on the front allows speed control from 25 to 1800rpm. The .5hp motor has enough torque to handle a heavy amount of grinding and lend some weight to the unit's plastic casing. The precision steel plate accepts magnetic backed accessories for quick and easy changing of discs. This unit comes with a water manifold including overhead loc-line, a water pump, 1/4" tubing, and a drain to ensure ample water gets to the grinding station and drains away properly. The 12" Ameritool HD does NOT come with any diamond discs but is fully compatible with both our resin and nickel plated lines of diamond discs.