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Displays Page-072

All the items with prices are listed below this page image.

(1)Ring clip-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-600-RW $6.23 Qty

Ring ramp (5)-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-604-RW $10.66 Qty

Ring tray (5)-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-606-RW $12.88 Qty

(3 pr.)Pendant tray-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-607-RW $12.88 Qty

Bracelet tray (4)-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-609-RW $12.88 Qty

Flap earring (1)-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-613-RW $7.98 Qty

Pendant (1)-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-615-RW $7.98 Qty

Earring tree-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-622-RW $8.75 Qty

JK-623-RW Bracelet ramp-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-623-RW $8.75 Qty

JK-624 (RW) T-BAR-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-624-RW $14.42 Qty

(8 3/4"H)Large bust stand-rosewood/white (SET20) JD-JK-628-RW $21.59 Qty

Ring display (6-slot)-rosewood/white JD-JK-657-RW $12.88 Qty

Display SET(23 PCS) - Rosewood Trim JD-SET20 (RW) $294.30

Price per Set.