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Displays Page-066

All the items with prices are listed below this page image.

3"x3" display pillow - chestnut suede JD-11-3 (CN) $1.61 Qty

11-3L (BK) 3"x3" display pillow - Black leatherette JD-11-3L (BK) $1.12 Qty

3"x3" display pillow - White leatherette JD-11-3L (W) $1.12 Qty

11-3N (LE) 3"x3" display pillow - natural linen beige JD-11-3N (LE) $1.16 Qty

11-3N (LE) 3"x3" display pillow - burlap JD-11-3N (N3) $1.16 Qty

3"x3" display pillow - steel grey JD-11-3R (SG) $1.16 Qty

Bracelet ramp (set35)- Chestnut, Dark walnut JD-F27-6 (75L) $6.09 Qty

Bracelet ramp (set35)- steel gray, black JD-F27-6 (87R) $6.09 Qty

Bracelet ramp (set27) - Dark walnut w/linen JD-F27-6 (DW,LE) $6.99 Qty

Bracelet ramp (set35)-be leather w/steel brwn trim JD-F27-6 (L30) $6.65 Qty

Bracelet ramp (set27) - Natural wood w/burlap JD-F27-6 (N3) $8.39 Qty

F27-6 (RW) Bracelet ramp (set27) - Rosewood JD-F27-6 (RW) $6.99 Qty

Ring clip (dark brown w/chestnut) - set35 (75L) JD-F35-1 (75L) $5.59 Qty

Ring clip (steel grey) - set35 87R JD-F35-1 (87R) $4.20 Qty

Ring clip (dark walnut base with linen) - set35 JD-F35-1 (DW,LE) $6.99 Qty

Ring clip (beige leather w/steel brown trim) set35 JD-F35-1 (L30) $4.62 Qty

Ring clip (natural wood base w/burlap) - set35 JD-F35-1 (N3) $6.99 Qty

Ring clip (rosewood base) - set35 JD-F35-1 (RW) $4.97 Qty

Ring/earring tree (dark brown/chestnut) JD-F35-21 (75L) $8.39 Qty

Ring/earring tree (steel grey) JD-F35-21 (87R) $6.30 Qty

Ring/Earring tree (dark walnut w/linen) JD-F35-21 (DW,LE) $9.44 Qty

Ring/earring tree(be leather w/steel brown) JD-F35-21 (L30) $6.86 Qty

Ring/Earring tree (natural wood w/burlap) JD-F35-21 (N3) $9.44 Qty

Ring/Earring tree (rosewood base) - set35 JD-F35-21 (RW) $9.44 Qty

Earring tree (dark brown/chestnut) - set35 JD-F35-22 (75L) $8.39 Qty

Earring tree (steel grey) - set35 87R JD-F35-22 (87R) $6.16 Qty

Earring tree (dark walnut w/linen) - set35 JD-F35-22 (DW,LE) $9.44 Qty

Earring tree (beige leathter w/steel brwn) -SET35 JD-F35-22 (L30) $6.72 Qty

Earring tree (natural wood w/burlap) - set35 JD-F35-22 (N3) $9.44 Qty

Earring tree (rosewood base) - set35 JD-F35-22 (RW) $9.44 Qty

Horizontal watch collar (dark brown/chestnut) - s JD-F35-3 (75L) $9.44 Qty

Horizontal watch collar (steel grey) - set35 87R JD-F35-3 (87R) $8.12 Qty

Horizontal watch collar (D.walnut w/linen) - set35 JD-F35-3 (DW,LE) $10.79 Qty

Horiz. watch collar-be lthr w/steel brown set35 JD-F35-3 (L30) $8.51 Qty

Horizontal watch collar (Natural w/burlap) - set35 JD-F35-3 (N3) $10.79 Qty

Horizontal watch collar (rosewood base) - set35 JD-F35-3 (RW) $10.79 Qty

5-Ring display (dark brown/chestnut)-set35 JD-F35-4 (75L) $10.79 Qty

5-Ring display (steel grey) - set35 87R JD-F35-4 (87R) $8.51 Qty

Ring/dark walnut w/linen (5) - set35 JD-F35-4 (DW,LE) $12.14 Qty

5-Ring display (beige w/steel brown trim)-set35 JD-F35-4 (L30) $9.18 Qty

Ring/natural wood w/burlap (5) - set35 JD-F35-4 (N3) $12.14 Qty

Ring/rosewood base (5) - set35 JD-F35-4 (RW) $12.14 Qty

Earring display (dark brown/chestnut) - set35 JD-F35-7 (75L) $6.99 Qty

Earring display (steel grey) - set35 87R JD-F35-7 (87R) $5.60 Qty

Earring (dark walnut w/linen) - set35 JD-F35-7 (DW,LE) $8.39 Qty

Earring display(beige leather w/steel brown)-set35 JD-F35-7 (L30) $6.16 Qty

Earring (natural wood w/burlap) - set35 JD-F35-7 (N3) $8.39 Qty

Earring (rosewood base) - set35 JD-F35-7 (RW) $8.39 Qty

Pendant (chestnut,dark brown) - set35 (75L) JD-F35-8 (75L) $6.74 Qty

Pendant (steel grey) - set35 (87R) JD-F35-8 (87R) $5.40 Qty

Pendant (dark walnut w/linen) - set35 JD-F35-8 (DW,LE) $8.09 Qty

Pendant - beige leathter w/steel brwn SET35 JD-F35-8 (L30) $5.94 Qty

Pendant (natural wood w/burlap) - set35 JD-F35-8 (N3) $8.09 Qty

Pendant (rosewood base) - set35 JD-F35-8 (RW) $4.93 Qty

(3 3/4"H)Necklace display-dark brown/chestnut(set JD-ND-311-75L $12.14 Qty

(3 3/4"H)Necklace display-steel grey (set 35 87R) JD-ND-311-87R $10.80 Qty

(3 3/4"H)Necklace display-beige w/steel brwn SET35 JD-ND-311-L30 $11.88 Qty

(3 3/4"H)Necklace display dark walnut linen-SET35 JD-ND-311W-DW,LE $13.99 Qty

(3 3/4"H)Necklace display natural wood burlap-SET35 JD-ND-311W-N3 $13.99 Qty

(3 3/4"H)Necklace display -SET35 JD-ND-311W-RW $13.99 Qty

(5 1/8"H)Necklace display-Dark walnut/Chestnut(set JD-ND-312-75L $17.54 Qty

(5 1/8"H)Necklace display-steel grey (set 35 87R) JD-ND-312-87R $15.12 Qty

(5 1/8"H)Necklace display-beige w/steel brwn SET35 JD-ND-312-L30 $16.52 Qty

(5 1/8"H)Necklace display (D.walnut w/linen) -SET27 JD-ND-312W-DW,LE $18.89 Qty

(5 1/8"H)Necklace display (natural wood w/burlap) -SET27 JD-ND-312W-N3 $18.89 Qty

ND-312W-RW (5 1/8"H)Necklace display (rosewood top) -SET27 JD-ND-312W-RW $18.89 Qty

Ring Flower - Chestnut SET46,SET35 JD-RD-351-CN $8.65 Qty

FLOWER - linen SET35 JD-RD-351-LE $1.43 Qty

FLOWER - grey linen SET35 JD-RD-351-N21 $1.43 Qty

FLOWER - burlap SET35 JD-RD-351-N3 $1.43 Qty

FLOWER -beige leather (SET35) JD-RD-351L-BE $1.54 Qty

Flower-black (set35) JD-RD-351L-BK $1.54 Qty

FLOWER - white SET35 JD-RD-351L-WH $1.54 Qty

Display Set(26 PCS) - Dark Walnut, Linen JD-SET35-DW,LE $391.49

Price per Set.


Display Set(26 PCS) - Natural Wood, Burlap JD-SET35-N3 $240.30

Price per Set.