55 Wooden Walking/Hiking Stick Twisted and Ball Head,Metal Tip


$7.80 Qty

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Whether you use the steel spike for traction in snow, dirt, or packed surfaces, or the metal-reinforced tip cover for casual walking, our walking stick will provide you with the necessary support while strolling through the neighborhood or while hiking in the mountains, snow, ice, on trails, etc. In case of emergency, the steel spike of the walking stick can also be used for self-defense.

Features of this product include:
• Made of natural Huangtang wood
• Hand-carved spiral design with knob top
• Weatherproof finish
• Height: 55 inches
• SE-designed steel spike
• SE-designed rubber-reinforced metal tip cover
• Leather wrist strap for using while walking and hiking, or for hanging up while storing 
• Hang Tag