Walking - Hiking Stick 55" - Grooved Grip


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Our 55-Inch Natural Wood Walking Stick with Handle. Our walking stick is great for everyday use while walking in your neighborhood, hiking on trails, in the mountains, snow, ice, etc. Whether you use the steel spike for traction while in snow, dirt, packed surfaces, etc., or the metal-reinforced tip cover for casual walking, our walking stick will provide you with the best support. In cases of emergency, this walking stick with its steel spike can also be used for self-defense.

Features of this Natural Wood Walking Stick: 
(1) Made of natural Huangtang wood 
(2) Wooden handle with grooved finger grips 
(3) Weatherproof finish 
(4) Height: 55 Inches 
(5) Steel spike 
(6) Rubber-reinforced metal tip cover 
(7) Wrist strap to use while walking and hiking, or for hanging up while storing 
(8) Since all our walking sticks are made from natural wood, the diameter and shape may slightly vary