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Belts - 3 x 21 - for Belt Sander



Silicon Carbide Belts

Our Wet/Dry belts are backed by tough nylon. NO BUMP! They run Smooth as Glass!! And... they can run in either direction. You can reverse the belt when it gets dull for extra life. Our Unique Splice and Price add up to the top value in the market today! 


Diamond Belts - Resin Bond

SUPER NOVA.jpg   Super Nova

   State of the Art - Resin Bond
   Lasts 3-4 times longer than imported belts
   Guaranteed Performance
   Excellent Softness
   Lasts several times longer than Silicon Carbide belts
Made in USA

These high quality cloth belts have a resin bond. Fast, economical cutting and polishing of most gem materials. Helps reduce undercutting and leaves a superior high quality finish. MUST BE USED WITH COOLANT!!