Single Speed Bead Mill

Single Speed Bead Mill


$640.00 Qty

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*   1/3 hp motor - 230v
*   Small portable size model
*   Mounted in a heavy-gauge powder coated housing
*   Grinds up to twenty (20) 1/2” beads at a time
*   Runs at 380 rpm

The Bead Mill makes beads from 5/16” to 3/4” in diameter. The 4-1/2” diameter x 1/2” aluminum head has a 3/8” recessed ring in the ceiling which provides a trough for the beads to follow. Milling action is achieved by rotating the chamber while the head controls the beads location. The chamber head removes quickly for easy cleaning. This machine is best suited for producing beads from hard materials such as agate, jasper, and jade. *Please note that the Bead Mill is NOT recommended for gemstone material softer than a 5 on the Mohs Scale as this machine is very aggressive.