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Gy-Roc - Large - 40 Lb.

For Jewelry finishing or rock tumbling these machines are:
Fastest - Gentlest - Easiest to use - Easiest to clean - Unequaled finish

*   2 speed for controlled finishes.
*   Unique upper & lower eccentric weights are adjustable to
*   run dense loads, like steel shots.
*   Motor & bearings last longer because of belt drive.
*   These machines really do the job day in & day out
*   Uses less grits than rotary tumblers
Flow-Thru system: for metal finishing is easily added. Simply install a Flow-Thru bowl, which has a drain & hose. Now you can constantly flush the media during cycles. Also makes cleanup & rinsing very easy.
This machines are about 7 times faster than rotary tumblers. This machines finish each step in about one day vs. 7 days taken by rotary tumblers.

GY-S.jpg Gyroc - 40 Lb. capacity - Model-C GY-L $750.00

******* FREE SHIPPING in continent USA *******


Gyroc - Drive Belt - for Model C GY-DBL $6.15 Qty

GY-BS.jpg Gyroc - Bowl for Model C GY-BL $100.00

Lid not included.
Please order lid separately.


GY-FTM.jpg Gyroc - Flow Thru Bowl - for Model C GY-FTL $150.00

Lid not included.
Please order lid separately.


GY-H.jpg Gyroc - High Bowl for Model C GY-H $180.00

Lid not included.
Please order lid separately.


Gyroc - Cover - for Model C GY-COV-L $60.00 Qty

GY-044.jpg Gyroc - Suspension Springs Assembly - 4 sets GY-044 $28.00

Complete with Springs, Grommets & Screws.


GY-suspension_Ring Suspension Ring Assembly - Set of 4 pcs. GY-009 $28.00 Qty

Gyroc - Suspension Spring GY-0442 $5.00 Qty

GY-066.jpg Gyroc - Hold Down - for Model C GY-HOLD-L $6.50 Qty

Gyroc - High Bowl HoldDown for Model C GY-HD $6.75 Qty

Grommet for Gy-Roc GY-GROM $1.00 Qty

Gy-Roc Splash Guard for Motor - 40 Lb. (Model "C") GY-SPL-C $10.00 Qty

RR-T-BEARING.jpg Bearing for GyRoc model "A & C" - Medium & Large GY-BEAR-M $9.45 Qty

GY-MOTOR.jpg Gyroc - Motor - for Model C GY-ML $160.00 Qty

GY-048.jpg Gyroc - Spyder - for Model C GY-SPY-L $300.00 Qty

Weights for GyRoc model "C" - Large GY-WE-L $18.00

Requires 2 weights per machine


Shaft for GyRoc model "A" - Medium GY-Shaft-M $5.00 Qty