Tin Oxide Belt - for Expanding Drum 8 x 3

Tin Oxide Belt - for Expanding Drum 8 x 3


$64.95 Qty

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   SUPER NOVA.jpg   Super Nova

   State of the Art - Resin Bond
Lasts 3-4 times longer than imported belts
   Guaranteed Performance
   Excellent Softness
Made in USA

   These high quality cloth belts have a resin bond. Fast, economical cutting and polishing of most gem materials. Helps reduce undercutting and leaves a superior high quality finish. MUST BE USED WITH COOLANT!! 


How to break-in Resin bond Wheels & Belts

To break-in new resin bond wheel or belt do followings.

1. Take a large piece of agate, jasper or other hard rock with the smooth edge.
2. Just go back & forth across the entire surface
3. Continue until all the bumps & excess resin is removed.