84"x36"Orange Heavy Emergency Sleeping Bag


$5.40 Qty

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Never be caught in the cold. The Emergency Sleeping Bag helps retain body heat and provides protection in all weather conditions. Lightweight and Compact - Our Heavy duty Emergency Sleeping Bag is built to be tear resistant, durable and long lasting for multiple purposes. This Sleeping bag can also be used as a rain shield for Camping Gear , Ground Cover and as a Reflective Warmer.


• Dimensions: 3ft x 7ft (36 x 84 inches)
• Height : 5.8oz
• Safety Orange Color
• Heavy Duty Material
• Aluminized PE
• Tear Resistant
• Reusable
• Reflects Body Heat
• Mesh Bag with Adjustable Drawstring Included
• Great for Camping, Hiking, Emergency Kits, Outdoor Etc.